Marketing your Event!

Are you hosting an EO 101, a Make and Take or any other oily related class? Would you like a custom graphic to help advertise your event?  Wondering where to start to promote your event?  Let us help you! Add your event to the FSO website and Frank Clement​ will take the information you provide and create a graphic just for you!

We find people like the professional look of these graphics and it helps draw in more people to your event.  By having your event posted on a real website, it adds validity to you and your team.  A big key to getting people to attend events is marketing.  The more you can market your event, usually the better turn out.  Once you add your event to the FSO website, Frank will create the graphic and then share it to your FB page. 

From there, I recommend creating a FB event and share it to your personal wall and business page, if you have one.  You can share it in the FSO group as well.  Do NOT invite all your friends to your event!  This turns people off and it will take a lot longer for you to win them over with your oily lifestyle.  Contact people via phone call, text, in person and let them know about your event.  Then invite them to your FB event.  A personal invite goes a long way!

I also recommend "Going" to other FSOers' events.  The way FB works, and people in general, the more people attending an event, the more interest it draws and the more FB will promote it.  I know it can throw off your numbers is you are using FB as a head, don't use FB as a head count, people accept invites all the time with no intent of attending in person...this is where the personal contact is very important.  Confirm with members via phone, text, pm instead of using the FB event.

Also, be sure to take pictures during the event and then post them afterwards and thank people for attending.  This also helps draw people in for future events.  When they see what you're doing, and they missed your event, they want to attend the next one.  Try it.  Let me know how it works.

We can help advertise your event for you, add it to the FSO website and we'll go from there. 

Here is a sample EO 101 Presentation invite, feel free to use it:

Learn all about essential oils!

Discover the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can be used to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn about the different grades of oils, various applications for them and how these powerful resources can work as natural, chemical-free replacements for items you use every single day. Discover how simple it is to remove toxic products from your life with the aid of essential oils. 

There will be hands on demonstrations and participant involvement. Come experience these essential oils for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!

Good Luck!! Please let us know if you have any questions or we can help in any other way!