the Wellness Line

When we share and discuss Young Living Essential Oils, we want to stay above 'the Wellness Line'. Although we recognize that everybody is at a different place in their journey to 'optimal health', It is important that we follow these guidelines. 

If you think of an average, normal, healthy individual as being at the 'Wellness Line', we are free to talk about and associate the oils with anything at and above that line. Anything below that line is illness, disease and death. We are not allowed to associate the essential oils with conditions below the 'Wellness Line'. According to Congress and our government agencies, only pharmaceuticals can treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Essential oils are considered beauty products and dietary supplements so they do not fall in that category. Which is not a bad thing in my mind because if these were categorized as a medication then we could only get them through a doctor, a prescription and a pharmacy. I like being able to order what I want, when I want, so I will gladly keep them as just beauty products and dietary supplements.

With all that being said, we do not want Young Living, or our own individual businesses, to be under question by the FDA. We need to make sure we keep discussions in compliance with the FDA regulations.

It's not as bad as it first seems, there really are a lot of things we can discuss and stay compliant. To give you an example, we cannot discuss what to use to treat a migraine (an illness or diagnosis) but we can say that we use peppermint oil to help ease an occasional headache. An average, normal, healthy individual occasionally gets headaches, so to talk about what you would use for that is fine. Just like we can say that Di-Gize helps support our digestive system and can soothe an upset tummy, as average, normal, healthy individuals occasionally get upset tummies.

If you keep your discussion focused on what body systems a particular oil or product supports, as opposed to what illness or disease it treats, you will easily stay above the 'Wellness Line'. And staying above the 'Wellness Line' is where I like to live and is way more uplifting to talk about anyway!

Things you can and should say...

  • How oils can support living with wellness, purpose & abundance.
  • How oils can support & maintain body systems, age-related conditions, natural body function and occasional emotional states.
  • The Young Living Seed to Seal guarantee.
  • How an oil can make us feel better.
  • That Young Living oils are safe to consume as a dietary supplement.
  • How supplements can support our immune and other body systems, muscles ligaments & tendons.
  • How oils can promote restful sleep and aid in occasional stomach aches.

Topics and discussion points to avoid...

  • Distributors should never instruct anyone to use an oil as a medical drug.
  • Distributors should never make medical testimonials to promote products.
  • Distributors should never prescribe, diagnose or treat functions or dysfunctions of the mind or body for humans or animals.
  • Distributors should never instruct a sick person on how to become well.

Additionally, we highly recommend that you read this great resource from YL; Sharing Young Living the Right Way! If you have any questions, please ask.