Indoor Air Quality: Home Detox

Clean up the Air in your home. The statistic that I see most often was 10X. That indoor air quality is often 10X worse than the air outside. From building product out-gassing to, dander, to VOC’s, the air inside your home may be a lot worse than the air outside. Here are some good ways to clean up the air in your home.

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  • Stop doing all of the things that we’ve previously discussed in our Home Detox series.
  • Open a couple of windows for about 5 minutes once a day. Most home heating and cooling systems do not mechanically bring enter fresh air into the home, which compromises air quality over time.
  • Replace your air conditioning and furnace filters every three months and get the ducts and system checked regularly.
  • Keep plenty of healthy plants in your home. Houseplants are a great way to help purify the air. The ficus, ivy, pothos, Ferns and palms are all highly rated as ‘air cleaning’ plants.
  • A lot of air born pollutants come in on people’s shoes and are then spread throughout the home, so leaving shoes by the door is a good idea.
  • Use the range vent when cooking smoky foods to cut down on your overall inside air issues.