Candles: Home Detox

So many of us grew up around candles in our homes, whether they were lit or just for decoration. Then a lot of us experienced (and really got into) the resurgence of the decorative candle industry with ‘Yankee’ and ‘tea’ candles. Unfortunately, there are some real problems with using candles in our homes.

  • The smoke from any burning object is generally not something that you want to introduce into your lungs.
  • Smoke in any form is not something you really want to introduce into the air in your home (more on the air quality in your home later).
  • Just like with plastic food containers, manufacturers often use buzz words to distract consumers from new problems that are being introduced. Although high-end soy and beeswax candles don’t contain toxic chemicals and burn ‘cleanly’, added fragrances and the construction of the wick create new issues.
  • Candle wicks are often ‘cored’ with metal that produces soot when burned.
  • Introducing an open flame into your home needs to be done with more than little measure of safety. Here’s a long report on home candle fires.

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There is a whole ‘Pandora’s Box’ when it comes to how commercial fragrances are created and then introduced into candles, to include phthalates (more on those later)

‘Cheaper’ paraffin candles often produce a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in addition to toxic Benzene and Toluene.

RECOMMENDATION; This is a sliding scale. 1. Toss your candles. 2. Put them away (and out of the hands of your kids). 3.  Keep them out, but don’t light them. 

If you would still like to experience a better smelling home, I suggest using a ‘cool mist’ diffuser with an essential oil of your choice.  A side note on diffusers, we have heard of people buying diffusers from big box stores and other online resources but complain the quality just doesn’t match the quality of Young Living’s diffusers.  If you don’t already own a Young Living diffuser, here is the best value and the best way to purchase one, with a Premium Starter Kit.