Plastic Food Storage: Home Detox

​Seriously consider transitioning your food storage to glass food storage containers (stone, ceramic or stainless steel are great as well). While some plastics are initially safer than others, with continued used or exposure to heat, they will all begin to break down and leach trace chemicals into the items stored in them.

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At this point we are all fairly familiar with the term ‘BPA’ and we know that ‘BPA’ isn’t good for us. Unfortunately, the phrase ‘BPA-Free’ is now basically an advertising sound bite, similar to ‘Light’ or ‘No Trans Fat’. Just because plastics are BPA-free, does not necessarily make them toxin free. BPA was an important additive that helped plastic manufacturers create many of the products we see every day. These manufacturers still needed something to do what BPA does, so they moved on to BPS. BPS, a close cousin to BPA, is also toxic and appears to also have similar hormone mimicking properties as BPA. What that means is that when plastics break down and enter our bodies, our bodies often perceive BPA and BPS as estrogen, which is detrimental for multiple reasons.

New research by Environmental Health Perspectives is showing that another common chemical used to construct plastic food containers called bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE) may be converting non-fat cells into fat. “Exposure to these kinds of chemicals can reprogram your metabolism and make it more likely for you to store calories instead of passing them through.”

If you decide to stay with your plastic stuff (not recommended), become proficient in deciphering the Resin Identification Codes on the bottom of your containers (seriously). Some codes are worse than others, but none are great.

RECOMMENDATION; First; Never heat your plastic. Ever. Then replace containers that you’ve used regularly for six months. Our suggestion is that you convert your plastic food storage containers to glass. Initially, I was going to say “Toss your plastic today”, but that’s not a very environmental conscious decision. We say “Don’t replace your plastic with more plastic”.

There are quite a few glass or ceramic options in the big box stores and online. The great thing about glass storage is that glass is not a compromise. Most people feel that food tastes better and is fresher when stored in glass. We also highly recommend that you start using a reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle. 

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Note: Although I did a lot of research for this Home Detox series, I am not an expert in this field and this is not intended to be a ‘scientific journal’. I encourage people to go out and conduct their own research on these topics.

Most of what I talk about here is ‘small’. Minor when examined by themselves, But that is not how we live our lives. We layer all of these things together and that is where all the true danger lies… One cigarette doesn’t kill you, does it?