September’s PV Promos


We know you don’t slow down when the seasons change, so this month’s PV promotion is full of products that can keep up! As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop lower, use these fall favorites for all the support you need to keep the pace you’ve set the whole year through. 

Place your qualifying order and get Inner Defense®and Clove Vitality™ to promote a healthy immune system and overall health*, Manuka for a fresh face and dewy glow, ImmuPower™ for an uplifting aroma all year through, and more!

Explore this month’s products!

300 PV—Retail Value: $241.12

15-ml ImmuPower™

Feeling low? Apply ImmuPower to the back of your neck to elevate your day with an aroma that encourages positive energy.
Use this powerful blend of Hyssop, Frankincense, and other pure essential oils at the start of your day for an uplifting aroma that helps you maintain a steady outlook throughout any season.

5-ml Manuka

Support radiant-looking skin through the dry and dreary months. Begin and end your day with a facial routine that uses Manuka to support the appearance of a youthful glow.
Prep your face for your favorite makeup from Savvy Minerals by Young Living®. Rub a drop between your hands and pat into your skin for skin-loving goodness with each application.

Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap

Keep it clean with a naturally derived hand soap enhanced with the power of Thieves®essential oil blend. Store it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and anywhere you need to wash up.
Give this household favorite to friends and family as a housewarming gift, part of a holiday present, or a new neighbor welcome.

Inner Defense®

Support a healthy immune system as the days get chilly. Inner Defense supports the body’s natural defenses and provides antioxidant support now and all year long.*
Take Inner Defense with your daily shot of NingXia Red® for a powerful combination to help support your whole body.*

15-ml DiGize®

Apply DiGize to your abdomen, chest, and wrists for a soothing massage that can help relieve slight discomfort.
Unwind after the busyness of dinnertime with the spicy, herbaceous scent of DiGize. Apply it topically wherever necessary for a moment of gentle relaxation.

5-ml Clove Vitality™

Promote a healthy immune response with a spicy kick! Clove Vitality may support overall wellness and has been used traditionally for thousands of years.*
Add this favorite flavor to your seasonal treats! Use a drop in your tea, homemade cider, oatmeal, gingerbread, and more.

250 PV—Retail Value: $107.89

Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap
Inner Defense®
Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 15-ml DiGize® and 5-ml Clove Vitality™

190 PV—Retail Value: $90.46

Inner Defense®
Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 15-ml DiGize® and 5-ml Clove Vitality™

100 PV—Retail Value: $9.87

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 5-ml Clove Vitality™

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.