Mary's 90 Day Challenge!

Welcome to October Four Seasons Oils Team Members!!

It's my birthday month, and just like I did last year, I am giving gifts in honor of my celebration instead of receiving them!

I'm turning 41 years old this year so I looked through all the oils and found a favorite oil that costs $41...Joy! We use this oil everyday...either putting it over our hearts, rubbing it on the bottom of our feet, mixing it into other special blends or just diffusing it! A must have oil in every home...who doesn't need just a little more Joy in their life??

I like to travel a lot and totally love and appreciate the Bon Voyage Travel Kit...everything is the perfect size to get through the security checkpoints at airports! So to go along with a bottle of Joy oil, I am giving away a Bon Voyage Travel Kit as well! Actually, I'm giving away two prize packages, each will contain a bottle of Joy oil and a Bon Voyage Travel Kit. smile emoticon

Everyone on the Four Seasons Oils team is eligible to win these prizes. All you need to do is commit to Mary's 90 Day Challenge. The challenge is super easy...just commit to using these, and any other products from YL, every day for 90 days. That's right, use YL oils and products somehow, someway, every single day for the next 90 days. You will have fun exploring all your options, and the cool side benefit is, by the time 90 days rolls around, you'll be feeling better!

For new members and members not already taking advantage of our great Essential Rewards (ER) program, this means enrolling into the Essential Rewards program and purchasing 100 PV (personal volume) for the next three months, Oct, Nov and Dec 2015. For current ER members, who already purchase these awesome products every month, this means purchasing 300 PV on ER in Oct. (Which also means you'll earn all the amazing free stuff from YL as well! 5ml Clove oil, 15ml Thieves oil, 20 extra ER points and a Home Diffuser!)

See, super easy!!

Who's up for the 90 Day Challenge? Let me know you're taking the challenge, and after your order processes in October, you will be entered into the drawing. One drawing will be for members who order 300PV on ER this month and the second drawing will be for members who activate their ER benefit in October with a 100PV or more order (and commit to ordering 100PV on ER in Nov and Dec as well.)

As a special Thank you bonus for enrolling into ER this month (as part of my 90 Day Challenge), not only will you be put in the drawing for the prize package, I will send you a free travel size bottle of Thieves toothpaste as well! The Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste is my FAVORITE toothpaste!!

**If you order over 300PV on ER you will automatically be entered into the drawing. If you activate ER this month with a 100PV order, you definitely need to let me know you're taking this challenge because we have so many members in our downline there's no way I can personally track it. If you activate your ER with 300PV this month you'll actually be entered into BOTH drawings!! smile emoticon

***If your ER order already processed for the month (since today is the 3rd), please let me know you want to take advantage of this challenge and we'll work out the details.

If you have any questions about the free Essential Rewards program, please ask me or the person who introduced you to Young Living. I'll also post a link in the comments section.

How many members will join in Mary's 90 Day Challenge?!?! And how many tubes of toothpaste will I be sending out this month?? Last year I gave out 20 tubes of toothpaste!! Can we double that this year??

And if you share YL with anyone this month, be sure to let them know about this challenge, my giveaways and YL's promotions! What an AWESOME month to join YL!! So many extra bonuses and free products!! (and I was born in October, so yeah, what a great month!)