Event Calendar

Thursday, 8 March 8:00pm ~
Saturday, 10 March 10:00am to Sunday, 11 March 6:00pm ~
Drexel Park, Valdosta, GA
Saturday, 17 March 10:00am ~
Valdosta Mall, Valdosta...

Stop by and see us at the Aromatherapy Booth and get your free roll-on oil bottle!

The Chamber is proud to present “South Georgia...

Saturday, 17 March 6:00pm ~
The Clement's

Do you want your man to learn more about this oil thing? Do you want him to meet other like minded guys? Have you guys been doing this for a while...

Tuesday, 27 March 6:00pm ~
Adel, GA

Learn all about essential oils!

Discover the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can be used to improve your...

Saturday, 7 April 10:00am ~
Sunday, 22 April 6:00pm ~
Zoom Call

The Aroma Freedom Technique Online Session

Using Essential Oils to Transform Your Emotions and Realize Your Heart's Desire...

Thursday, 10 May 8:00pm ~
Saturday, 26 May 10:00am ~
Four Seasons Oils

In the midst of the End-of School season, graduations, kids home from school and finalizing all your summer plans, finding balance means gliding...

Thursday, 12 July 8:00pm ~
Saturday, 14 July 10:00am ~
Thursday, 6 September 8:00pm ~
Saturday, 15 September 10:00am ~
James H Rainwater...

Come and get FREE Health Assessments, Screenings and Learn about Alternative Health Solutions, Supplements, Hair Products, Weight Loss, Feminine...

Saturday, 6 October 10:00am ~
Thursday, 1 November 8:00pm ~
Saturday, 1 December 6:00pm ~
The Clement's