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Double Extra Holy Buckets!

As Mary would say; "Holy Buckets!". When I put together the first map near the end of February, we had just over 300 members on the Team. We're now right around 850 members! I really see this as a testament to the power of Essential Oils. 

As always the Four Seasons Oils Team is dedicated to providing high quality training, education and support to all of our members. Our goal is to help maximize your Essential Oil experience and foster your personal growth. We encourage you to engage with the team on Facebook and here on the website. We've grown by staying focused on personal relationships and going the extra mile with our members. We are together on this journey!

Back to School with Essential Oils

Back to school time usually means germs, colds, coughs, and viruses. It can also mean stress for us and our children. Come learn how to use essential oils to support our little ones' health and wellness as they go back to school this year! Door prizes for new people, and we'll make a little something together to take home! If you have been wondering about essential oils, THIS is the class for you! Feel free to bring a friend!

Oils of Ancient Scripture Class (Clyattsville)

Essential Oils are mentioned over 180 times in the Bible… Join us for an informative and inspirational class with Scripture readings and Essential Oils sampling. Experience the effects of Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood and nine other historic oils and read the passages where they played pivotal roles in Biblical events. This class is derived from the writings of Dr. David Stewart and is a must for anyone looking to expand their spiritual boundaries. We look forward to seeing you there!...

KidScents MightyVites

Using nutrient-dense whole food sources, the new MightyVites contain superfruits, plants and veggies that deliver the full-spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients for children's developing bodies. The new MightyVites chewable tablets feature an enhanced vitamin-mineral source and two new and improved natural flavors: orange cream and mixed berry.

OOLA Infused 7 Kit

This past Spring, we really spent a lot of time in the world of OOLA. I'm diving back in! Isn't it time you started moving towards your awesome life? The message of Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy is both illuminating and energizing and we love to pair it with their INFUSED 7 Kit. Our suggestion here at Four Seasons Oils is that you pick up the OOLA Book along with the INFUSED 7 Kit.

Animal Care Kits

The power of Essential Oils, specially formulated for your four legged friends. Young Living recognizes the powerful health benefits that Essential Oils can have for many animals. Out of their deep respect and love for the animals in our lives, Young Living formulated the six Essential Oil blends found in the Animal Scents Oil Collection and then created two distinct Care Kits based around the this Collection, an Ointment and a Shampoo. These products are amazing individually, but when they are used in concert with each other the true benefits really start to emerge. 

Essential Oils Video Presentation

In this fun and informative video, Mary Clement provides a Young Living Essential Oil presentation to one of our newest members. Join Mary and Celestine in this hour long video and expand your Essential Oil horizons. This video is for Oil novices and veterans alike! It's chock full of interesting tidbits and knowledge that Mary has amassed over the last 3 years. 

Young Living New Products!

At the 2015 International Grand Convention, Young Living has decided to "Light the Fire"! Young Living is introducing over 20 new products, most of which are available to order now!. The following is a quick look at the highlights of the product launch! Click here For a full rundown of the New Products and details on ingredients and availability.  

Supporting the Eyes

The properties of the essential oils listed below can have a positive effect in the maintenance and support of the eyes and surrounding tissues. Apply oils sparingly to the bony areas around the eyes. Pay attention to not get oils directly in the eyes. These oils can be used by themselves, alternated or in concert with each other. As with most Essential Oil applications, usage and results will vary by individual.

MindWise... the Power to Focus!

MindWise™ combines exotic sacha inchi nut oil with a proprietary MindWise oil blend for a unique supplement that supports normal brain and heart function.* Harvested from the Peruvian Amazon, sacha inchi nuts are cold pressed to create a vegetarian oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and an unmatched percentage of desirable omega-3 fatty acids (α-Linolenic acid). Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and pure essential oils are added to complete the MindWise oil blend.