March 2020 Young Living Promos


300 PV Retail value: $203.28

Gentle Baby®, 15 ml

Soothe sweet babes. Between soccer practice and weekday errands, invite calm into your car by diffusing Gentle Baby with cotton balls placed in your air vents.

Find simple joys. Adulting can be genuinely rewarding, despite the challenges.

Inhale the nurturing scent of Gentle Baby on your wrists while writing down a few things you’re grateful for.

Travel bag

Take your oils everywhere. Nothing fuels stress like losing your oils at the bottom of your tote bag or backpack. Know just where those bottles are with this eye-catching lilac travel bag.

Breathe in and out. With six loops for 15 ml bottles and six loops for 5 ml bottles, there’s a spot for every on-the-go oil you need. With a reminder to inhale and exhale on the front, you’ll be grounded and ready to keep going in no time.

JuvaFlexTM VitalityTM, 5 ml

Find time for fuel. Before you rush out the door, make a green smoothie and add 2 drops of JuvaFlex Vitality to keep you full all the way to lunch and prevent drive-through munching.

Stay on top of your game. For antioxidant and overall wellness support, take JuvaFlex Vitality in a vegetable capsule so you’re always able enough for your aspirations.*

ClarityTM, 5 ml

Keep your focus. While juggling your responsibility as parent, spouse, business owner, and community leader, swipe Clarity on your forehead and let the scent boost your alertness.

Be bold, be brilliant. As you sprint from school to work or from meeting to meeting, inhale the powerful aroma of Clarity straight from the bottle to remember how capable you are!

Valor®, 5 ml

Give it all you’ve got. With a bit of bravery, a killer plan, a lot of effort, and the empowering scent of Valor, nothing can stand in the way of accomplishing everything you set your mind to.

Keep on keepin’ on. Wake up, start meditating with the sharp, revitalizing aroma of Valor, and get excited to do the little things that will make a big impact!


250 PV Retail value: $139.14

• Travelbag
• JuvaFlex Vitality, 5 ml • Clarity, 5 ml
• Valor, 5 ml


190 PV

Retail value: $114.14

• JuvaFlex Vitality, 5 ml

• Clarity, 5 ml
• Valor, 5 ml


100 PV Retail value: $52.30

• Valor, 5 ml





300 PV Retail value: $126.97

• Gentle Baby, 15 ml
• Travel bag
• JuvaFlex Vitality, 5 ml

250 PV Retail value: $62.83

• Travelbag
• JuvaFlex Vitality, 5 ml

190 PV Retail value: $37.83 

• JuvaFlex Vitality, 5 ml



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