May 2020 Young Living Promos

For you, it’s only natural to focus outward and take care of the people you love. With May’s PV promo, we’re giving you the essential oils (with everyday tips to match) to take care of yourself as you work toward whole-body wellness!

As you take steps to transform your own life, start with your spirit. Rub minty-scented EndoFlex into the back of your neck to bring on the balance. Dip into a Frankincense-infused bath for a moment of mindful peace. Thank your body for its hard work with a pick-me-up Deep Relief Roll-On massage. This month, with these oils and more, remember that it’s okay—totally encouraged, actually—to carve out a little “me” time.


300 PV Retail value: $209.20

Frankincense, 15 ml

For your mind. As a no-brainer game changer, you can inhale the meditative scent of Frankincense during your morning yoga practice or deep-think sessions for elevated clarity.

Sleep on it. Take care of that big, beautiful brain of yours by finding peace of mind while you sleep. Just add a drop of Frankincense’s supportive aroma to your pillow before lights out.

Deep Relief Roll-On

For your body. At the end of a day spent hunched over a computer, weeding the backyard, or running after toddlers, apply Deep Relief Roll-On to worn-out muscles and joints.

Hustle a little harder. As you push yourself during your workout—fighting to do one more rep, go one more lap—breathe in the sharp scent of Deep Relief for a rush of motivation.

EndoFlex®, 15 ml

For your spirit. Add the Zen-inducing scent of EndoFlex to your diffuser and practice whatever works—prayer, meditation, journaling—to care for and comfort your soul.

Give gratitude a go. Add a few drops of EndoFlex and handful of Epsom salt to a steamy foot bath. While kneading your tired toes, send up thoughts of thanks for your body, mind, and soul.

Lavender, 5 ml

For your skin. Need post-sun skin soothing? Desperate to do away with the appearance of blemishes? Eager to age with grace? Use Lavender in your skin care routine, baths, and lotions for these advantages!

Show your hair you care. Add a drop of Lavender to your favorite hair products.

Longevity Vitality, 5 ml

For your wellness. Put your best foot forward and start each day by supporting a healthy immune system. Drink a big glass of water infused with 1–2 drops of Longevity Vitality.*

Power through post-workout. Reach for a healthy lifestyle by adding Longevity Vitality and Pure Protein Complete to your favorite shake after your daily sweat session.*


250 PV Retail value: $109.86

Deep Relief Roll-On

EndoFlex, 15 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Lavender, 5 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Longevity Vitality, 5 ml


190 PV

Retail value: $73.68

EndoFlex, 15 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Lavender, 5 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Longevity Vitality, 5 ml


100 PV Retail value: $20.72

Bonus Essential Rewards: Longevity Vitality, 5 ml



300 PV Retail value: $172.69

• Frankincense,15ml

• Deep Relief Roll-On

• EndoFlex, 15 ml


250 PV Retail value: $73.35 

• Deep Relief Roll-On

• EndoFlex, 15 ml


190 PV Retail value: $37.17 

• EndoFlex, 15 ml