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Hello! First and foremost, I am a proud momma of two beautiful girls who keep me on my toes each day and make every moment absolutely precious! I (officially) began my Young Living journey in June of 2017 in hopes for finding relief and support for different ailments for each person in our home.... and guess what?! I have had nothing but success! Immediately, I made our home chemical free, by switching all of our cleaning products to Thieves! In three months we were able to switch most of our personal care products and the majority of our supplements over to Young Living's 100% natural line. I cannot express how amazing it is to have rid our home of so many prescription medications that were only masking symptoms instead of healing the body and stopping symptoms! Or how great it feels to know that I am not poisoning my children by cleaning our bath tub with nasty chemicals or allowing them to use personal care products laden with aluminum and other ickies that are harmful to their bodies. My family and I enjoy our weekends at "Camp" without electricity or running water or a reliable cellphone signal. We like to walk in the woods, ride 4-whellers, or just sit around great big bon-fire and watch the world float by. My favorite thing to do when the weather isn't so friendly is snuggle up with my babies and enjoy a fun snack and a good movie. I love to read but it seems I fall asleep each time I attempt to pick up a book! So, Audible is my addiction. I travel a lot for work and it is far easier to listen to a good book while driving than it is to stay awake when I attempt to read after a long day of ... LIFE. I work for a Regional Mental Health Court Program, full time, as the program coordinator of a 5 county region. My work days are often quite full, but they sure do make me appreciate all that I have when I am home! I love my job, because most days, I am given the opportunity to help someone who has not ever been willed a helping hand. I have spent hours, days, and even weeks assisting people get their lives put together and the feeling of accomplishment I have when I am able to successfully assist someone, even in the smallest way, fills my heart! Young Living has opened my eyes to an entirely new lifestyle, where I find I appreciate, enjoy, cherish.... so much more than ever before. Young Living makes me feel proud and strong. Young Living has given me the tools to help raise a happy healthy family. I look forward to each day ahead knowing that I am paving a brighter future for my children by gifting them an early start to a long life of natural health.