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I have been obsessed with oils for about four years now. I have used low end to Doterra. I never tried YL oils before, and was extremely interested. There are a few ladies at work that were selling and using them. I asked a few of the ladies to help me out and Mrs. Sandra was so helpful. Ms. Sandra brought me a few samples of oils, the winner for me was peace and calming, after trying that I was sold! I enrolled the first night and couldn't wait to get my kit. The kit came so fast and I was ready to experience all the hype that I have read online and from the website. I opened my kit and started smelling the oils! The oils had such a beautiful smell, and for the first time in a long time I FELT IT. I know it sounds cliche but I felt the oils touch my soul, and instantly began to diffuse, I even cleaned my WHOLE apartment with the thieves cleaner that came in the kit. I was amazed with the cleaner and added it to my ER, I got the packets so I can share the love with some of the people I care the most about. My boyfriend came home that day, and he too was interested in the kit. I have diffusers that I have bought from Amazon and other retail stores, but this one was amazing. He said that he felt extremely calm after coming in the door. Background on my boyfriend, he called me a hippie and made fun of my for my oil obsession in the past, but now he is on the train to oil town with me. The next day after coming home from work he cut himself at work, he said, " What voodoo oil tricks you got for my cut?" I immediately cleaned the area for him and applied lavender and tea tree oil. And I kid you not we did this for 4 days and his cut is almost healed. If he wasn't fully a believer before he sure is now.