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Welcome! I am so glad you are visiting our page, and have found interest in Young Living Essential Oils! I am Jeana an RN by trade, a mother by blessing to a beautiful little girl, wife to a wonderful and supportive husband ( BJ) who has recently joined me on this wonderful journey to Abundance, and I wear many different other hats! I am a true believer in holistic health and essential oils are such an incredible part of making the circle of health complete! I love Young Living Essential Oils because after beginning on EOs my daughter has found freedom from an over reactive airway and has not had to use inhalers and a long list of other medications for a couple years! My entire family has gained so much physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually from incorporating Essential Oils into our daily lives. I am so thankful for the opportunity of ministry through sharing The Healing Oils of the Bible Class, meeting amazing new people who become new friends, experiencing self growth, and the many other opportunities Young Living has afforded us. I am so excited to accompany you on this incredible journey! Four Season Oils as a team offers the support you need to gain knowledge in how to use your oils, support you on your personal journey of growth and empowerment, and even lead you to grow the most rewarding business with Young Living if that is what you desire! You have come to the right place at the right time! love and light, Jeana