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Welcome to Four Seasons Oils!!! We only provide 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and they can be used via topical application, diffusion, ingestion (veggie capsules, mixed in drinks/smoothies, cleaning, or even cooking!). I have chronic headaches. My go-to oils are M-Grain and Peppermint. I diffuse both and apply topically on my scalp, temples, and the base of my neck. These essential oils are just two among many that has changed my life. I finally found a natural remedy to help me feel better. Instead of reaching for my medication, first, I try my oils for natural relief. I am a firm believer in these oils becauseI know they work. Medications have side effects. Young Living Essential Oils go to work without the side effects that medications give. Ask me about our Premium Starter Kit and how to get up to 24% discounts on future purchases!!! I'd love for you to join our Four Seasons Oils team!!! mika hamm ρѕαℓм 27:4 210-216-0314 OilyYogiMika@gmail.com YLEO member #: 1507716