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I got a crash course in YLEO one evening when my youngest daughter, who was 2 yrs old @ that time, developed Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease over a holiday weekend. No doctors available for 3-4 days & I was in a pinch. I remembered a friend of mine had just gotten involved w/ YLEO & I went to her for assistance. She got me a few samples of recommended oils that could help with the treatment & I put my faith in these oils that they would help my baby girl. I was NOT prepared for the AMAZING results I saw over the next 3 days. My baby girl had eczema that was confirmed when she was just an infant & it was flaring up with no help from the Rx cream that we'd been using for over a year. It was all over her legs, her back, ribs & arms. When she developed the Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease, the eczema was a weak spot in her immune system & it blistered everywhere. Not only did she have the red spots, tenderness & fever from HFM disease, she also had painful blisters to contend with as well. I took these oils that I was given & along with my Faith in the oils & my Faith in God, I prayed. We saw a dramatic improvement each day. No fever after day one. Spots & blisters diminished with each application of oils. She didn't act as if she was in any kind of discomfort at all. This mama was so thankful for these oils! We returned to our local family physician to have her checked on after the holiday weekend was over. The doctor, who had previously thought she was coming down w/ a sinus infection due to the redness in her throat, was AMAZED @ the duration & healing of HFM disease. With these oils, she had never seen a patient have a turn around that fast & to that degree of healing. NO spots, NO fever, NO blisters, NO ECZEMA! This child she saw 4 days prior was completely healed of any signs of HFM disease & her eczema was completely gone as well! That is an amazing testimony of the power in these oils & I can't say enough about this great opportunity!