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Hello! I am Jess and this is my husband, Tyler. We were introduced to Young Living by my family members Josh Lee and Mary & Frank Clement several years ago, but I cannot say we truly embraced essential oils at that time. We used oils occasionally but we did not fully realize the benefits or versatility of the oils. When we started a family of our own a couple of years later, I realized it was very important to me that we needed to detox our home and start using safe, natural products. To help with making this transition, I turned to our Young Living premium starter kit! I started using the oils for everything and discovered I loved learning how to make my own personal care and cleaning products! I ended up quitting my job as a registered nurse to stay home with our daughter, but I soon realized I missed educating and helping others. I then decided I would focus on sharing wellness through Young Living instead of returning to the healthcare setting. I would love to help you learn more about Young Living and how you can promote the health and wellness of your family!