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My Sister 1st showed me how to make Lotion with Oils, and at that time I was sold, I had to have my own oils on hand and I have to share with my family and friends. After anticipating getting my starter kit! I couldn't wait to share my oils with family and friends, I had a make -n-take party- in which was not something I could have done. speaking in front my family friends is very difficult for me, but with these oils, they have really helped me be ME. They somehow have given me confidence, courage and skills. making my family happier using the oils. The kids love them just as much as I do, if not more! They turn to them for headaches, scrapes and sleep. They are starting to know what oil does what and what it has helped them with. Even my 3 year oil - tells me she needs lavender for her booboo., my 7 year old made Tea Tree Sugar Srcub cuz he needed it. Seeing the kids pick up on these great Essential oils- is really the best Feeling.