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I work a job that, like any other can be pretty stressful at times. Since I recieved my premium starter kit, I have been using the Sterss away on a frenquent basis it helps me to relax and enjoy my work. I so love the way my house smells when I use my diffuser, I have also started encouraging my grandchildren to use some of the oils, which has not been an easy task. But after helping my grandson relieve a headache in a few minutes with peppermint oil he was impressed so well he has told others about it. And when we were sitting at the table one night talking about something one of the others, he looked at me and ask have you got an oil for that and I replied oh yes I do. All I can say is this is starting out to be a wonderful journey for me and my family, I am looking foward to sharing with others about Young Living/ Four Seasons Oils and a new way to improve our lives on so many levals. Thank You for sharing with me. Kellie Hand