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Hi and Welcome! I'm so excited you're here! You have found your start to a new healthier lifestyle. So a little about myself... My passion is learning. I have recently discovered a new passion with learning the body, its systems, how they work and learning to live a chemical free lifestyle. As a wife and mama to all my fur babies, my goal is to keep us all as healthy as possible! The oils have completely changed my life. The therapeutic benefit from the oils are simply amazing. For years I've suffered from hives. Seen doctor after doctor, had every test you can think of and nothing ever showed up. I was at my wits end. At this point I just had came to the conclusion that I was either allergic to something or self diagnosed myself with some auto immune disorder. Fact was that I would just have to learn to deal with the hives and take medicine for the rest of my life. Just so happens, one day I came across an article on fly spray for horses which caught my attention. This article was about the chemicals that were in the fly sprays and the effect they had on the horses various body systems. My first thought was, if it's doing this to the horses, what's it doing to me when the mist hits my skin?? Continued doing research on the chemicals and what they were linked to and decided it was time for a change. So living in south Georgia where the flies are horrible, first thing first, find a all natural fly spray for the horses and dogs. That lead me to the introduction of essential oils. I started using them on my animals, then myself, then my husband jumped on board. We are all so thankful for these powerful little bottles of oil. Today I use oils on a daily basis and noticed a huge difference in my health. I'm no longer battling the hives and the only conclusion I came to is it had to be linked to a chemical that I had in my house from a household product, candle, etc. Now, I have great comfort in knowing that what I use to clean with, freshen the house with, do laundry with, health and beauty etc., has no negative affect on me or my family. While we can't completely eliminate the chemicals and toxins from our life, we can certainly control what's in our home. I am so grateful the Lord has brought Young Living Essential Oils into my life, I would love to share my passion with you and help you get started on this amazing lifestyle change! I promise you, once you try the oils you won't go back!