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Welcome to my page! I am thrilled you are here! I am Sandra Sadler a wife, mother, and true believer in all that Young Living has to offer! Young Living has changed my life and I am dedicated to spreading my love of oils and how they can change your life too! In 2012, I had unexpected weight gain, mood changes, and irregular cycles, along with various other “women” problems. I was isolating myself from my family and friends had little to no energy to complete my day to day task. After about a year of this behavior my husband demanded I go to the doctor. Of course, they pumped me with about five different medicines which made my symptoms worse. Another year of medicine and test caused me to be very irritable and miss several days of work due to lethargy. I finally decided I was tired of living every day barely functioning and tossed all my medicine to the side and joined the oily lifestyle. I had my first Zyto Scan and a full blood panel of testing done days apart. Both indicated unbalanced hormones and eventually to a diagnosis of PCOS. At a 5:12 ratio and testosterone levels that were through the roof I felt like I was going crazy. I immediately started using the oils that my Zyto suggested and within five weeks my hormones were at a 1:2 ratio and my testosterone levels were normal!!! Slowly, I started getting my energy back and feeling normal again. I am so thankful to Mary for sharing her passion that has changed mine and my family’s life! My husband, teenage boys and even our fur babies love Young Living Oils!! Please let me know if I can help you on your oily journey! I am not a physician and I have no fancy initials behind my name. I’m a mom, wife, and runner who uses Young Living Essential Oils on my children and in my life routinely and confidently. I do this because I believe it is the best and safest way to keep my family and myself healthy and safe from exposure to toxic chemicals. DISCLAIMER: The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.